Monday, August 24, 2009

Grouting 101

Way back when, we decided this was the year of the bathroom makeover. I touted that I would do the re-do on the cheap, and of course it's been anything but. But all that aside, I thought I would share my wise words for those of you considering a walk down the aisle of home improvement, especially projects in the bathroom domain. Being that we grouted the tile around the tub today, I thought this post could be ...

All About Grout
  1. Do not leave grout all over the floor, the tub, the wall and your hands unless you plan on sanding everything down at a later date - including your hands.
  2. Do not use a kitchen spatula to transfer grout from the bucket to the float, especially one with holes.
  3. Do not expect happy moments with your spouse if you are both squeezed into the tub trying to grout the walls before the grout dries, and both making a royal mess.
  4. Do not... 'ahem'... do not wear a favorite outfit while grouting, especially when grouting with your spouse as grout has a tendency to fly about the room and permanently land on clothing (and the floor, sink, tub, toilet, door, hall)
  5. Do not make any other plans for the day. The grouting takes forever, and then you will be too tired to even get up off the couch to go look at your great job done until tomorrow.
  6. Please - and I am asking nicely - please do not put blue-green wall tile around a pink bathtub. If you do, the next person will just have to come and rip it out - and then they will have to learn how to grout. Think neutral, people!
  7. Do expect very sore arms by the end of the day - grouting is all about the 'push', you know.
  8. Do expect that you will either have to miss those very important calls while you are grouting - or expect that your phone will become one with the bathroom wall after you reach for it (not thinking) and inadvertently cover it with grout.
I am grateful for the ability to begin, carry out and complete home improvement projects with my husband. I do wish they were less messy, and hope that the next project could be in a somewhat larger space.


Lisa said...

So very funny Jill! I'll bet it looks great!

5 orange potatoes said...

You are the cutest! I've never grouted before so thanks for the tips. ;)

Lisa :)

goldenbird said...

That was so funny! Is it okay to laugh? Sounds a bit traumatic :o)

I think I will just pay someone to do the grouting if I ever need it ... but thanks for the tips!

Jill said...

Oh, by all means, Laugh away! If we can't laugh at our experiences, then we are a sad lot indeed!

To add to the aftermath - the day after grouting, expect to feel as though someone repeatedly socked you in both shoulders. It is certainly NOT a good day for tennis. Not that I play, but still.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

You just reminded me why I keep deciding NOT to pull the ugly pink tiles off of the shower wall. (Who knows what might be living back there!)

Dogwood said...

Oh dear. Too funny. Loved you list. You have learned so much! Remind me never to think
"grouting" would look nice in my bathrooms!!!! Thanks...

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness...we just bought everything we need to grout and "touch up" our bathroom. In our naivety, we thought we'd get it done during the baby's nap time.

Okay, so I'm totally sending this post to my hubby...thanks for the warning!!!

Good luck with the clean up!