Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stop and Think, Then Think Again

Several folks commented on yesterday's post about my dryer. The general feeling that came through was to think about those who do not use a dryer - because they do not have one available. And also to think about the folks who choose to dry their clothes outside on a line.

Although these are very good points to ponder, I must admit to feeling a little defensive at first. I choose to dry my clothes in a dryer for several reasons. We happen to live in an area that gets tremendous humidity in the warmer months, and chilling cold in the winter, making a line somewhat challenging, since the clothes would not dry. I also share my yard with another family, and a really big trampoline - not much space for a clothes line.

But after more thinking about it, I am left wondering - Are these just excuses? Why do we choose to be tunnel-visioned about certain decisions (as in the effort to live mindfully), yet completely oblivious about others? Is my choice to dry my clothes with the dryer some way to hold on to older habits - as if my whole self was not in on the decision to take better care of the world? Or is it simply that I can't stand the feel of stiff, rough, air-dried towels on my skin?

I happen to be a rather robust woman living in a busy community, and the thought of my clothes hanging out for everyone to marvel at feels pretty humiliating. However, would 'airing my laundry' out where others could see actually set me free from the worries of "What would the neighbors think"?

I think the only way I will know is by trying. Before the ground gets cold (hard to think of that happening in this heat), we could sink a post or two and tie up a line. It would be good to work through my stubbornness regarding line drying, and see where it gets me.

Are there decisions in your life that you keep putting off? What would they be?


Barbara Bechtel said...

lol Jill. I understand. I grew up in pennsylvania near lots of amish and you know what? they hang their clothes out in the winter too! and some of them have a line on a pulley that goes from their home to the top of the silo. the down side? your clothes are flapping from the top of the silo like a flag.

You can also tumble them for 5 or 10 minutes on the air setting to get out the stiff feeling.

But I think it's great that you shared your feelings about it, We all go through it, and your very brave to admit it.

Krista said...

I just wanted to comment and say that I think it is awesome that you are trying to be so open minded with something that you are obviously uncomfortable with at first. It is inspiring!

Jill said...

Barbara- I can't imagine clothes hanging in the winter, but I have seen it. My guess is that they are brought inside to de-stiffen (!) before they can be worn. Don't think I'd like my underwear to be icicles!!! Yikes!

goldenbird said...

Your post gave me lots to think about. I agree with Barbara that you are brave to admit your feelings about it. I hang most of my blouses up to dry, but I can't bear to hang jeans or towels because they get so stiff and uncomfortable.

Perovskia said...

I've looked over your blog but I keep returning to your question, "Are there decisions in your life that you keep putting off?" It's a very poignant question. And for some reason I keep going back to it, although I have no answer for it. My unconscious makes me think otherwise, but it's not being too forthright at the moment. I will ponder this. Thank you.