Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Great Giveaways and a Guest Post

Some of my buddies out there are hosting some amazing giveaways/gift givings that I wanted to share with you.

Michelle at Earthy Crafty Mommy is having a giveaway to celebrate her 37th birthday. She is offering some lovely fabric pieces and a "Sewing For Dummies" book. Her giveaway ends at 8pm on Saturday the 8th, so get your comments in!!

Barbara at Second Surf is hosting a wonderful giveaway, ending at 11pm EST on 8/11. Check out her site to win a beautiful hand made necklace.

Stacy at Golden Bird Knits is hosting a 100th blog post giveaway, with either a pack of fat quarters of fabric or a menagerie of yarns. Leave her a comment before Monday, 8/10.

Holistic Mama is holding a gifting for 100 followers. She is giving away a lovely baby carrier. Check her out before mid-August.

And Now...

It's Thursday. Time for Grocery Bill Reducing Tips!

Today, we have my first guest blogger, Lisa. You may recall I blogged about Lisa last week. Rather than share tips, she is describing an amazing week of food she is having:

Hi Everyone! Excited to be here! I had an amazing experience at the grocery store this week, and Jill asked me to write it up and share it. Here goes...

Husband called to let me know that Safeway was having a promotion for next 2 weeks on "Perfect Choice" (or Mann Packing) brand packaged produce, you know, broccoli slaw mix, baby carrots, etc. $1.00 per 4 serving bag. So I threw a few of those in the cart. By the time I was finished with my shopping, I went to pay. I had brought 2 $15.00 gift cards to Safeway that I had received as gifts. With all my savings and gift cards added up, I ended up walking out paying only 86 cents! I couldn't believe it. Neither could my family!

Beyond that, we decided to eat what we had in the freezer as it was jam packed with who knows what. Turns out there was a ton of great food in there, waiting to be made into fantastic food! I made stuffed zucchini (overgrown garden zucchini!), using the recipe from: - Drop Dead Delicious Stuffed Zucchini.
I also made zucchini muffins and zucchini cake, using ingredients we already had. I made a chicken pot pie with crusts I had in the freezer, plus pot pie mix already made previously from double portion, just adding more vegies from the garden plus a salad from the garden. Today for lunch we had vegetable soup (veggies from the garden) with organic chicken broth and gluten free pasta (from the pantry). Tonight we are having fish tacos. A friend of ours is a fisherman and so I have yellow fin tuna in the freezer. I will saute this up along with some shrimp (from the freezer) and add lettuce and tomatoes (from the garden), cheese and sour cream all wrapped up in tortillas...from the freezer! Add to this black beans from the pantry.

Usually I spend on average $300 a week for a family of 4 (including 2 teenagers), buying mostly organic food. This week I am up to a whopping $80! And the freezer is getting cleaned out, how cool is that! Now I have to come up with recipes for frozen fruit...have lots of that! Mmm, muffins and smoothies!

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goldenbird said...

Hi Jill-- thanks so much for promoting my giveaway. I put you down for two entries.