Saturday, August 1, 2009

Calling All Bloggers! Urgent!

Dear Friends of the Blogosphere -

I am awarding hand-made beaded bracelets and hand-painted note cards (your choice) to those who pass the word on about Looking Out For Lisa.

Many of you have already read (and even commented on) this post from Weds, 7/29 about my fundraising efforts for my sister. Already we have been able to raise almost $2200 in only a few days, just through the internet. It amazes me that through the incredible kindness of several people, we are able to move mountains.
I am a firm believer in human character, that deep down, we know what to do to get the job done, even if we don't know each other. Just this week, I reached out to hundreds of people in an effort to raise money for my sister's medical care. I asked people I don't even know to send money - something we all are having a hard time letting go of these days. And slowly, people are responding. I love that people see the need, and find a way to fill it - don't you?

So the point of this post is to ask for your direct help. Many of us blog to a few, others to hundreds each day. If each of you posted just a link to Looking Out For Lisa, think of how our community circles could grow and intertwine.

Looking out for each other is something I would love to work hard for - not just for my sister, but for yours. For your mother, brother, father, best friend. This is our chance to make changes in our world for the better. If our health care cannot sustain us, perhaps we can find ways to move those mountains on our own, without breaking anyone's piggy bank - ever.

I am asking that you please post this button on your site, if you feel you can support our mission to begin to 'fill the gaps' of today's American health care crisis.

Looking Out For Lisa
If you aren't able to get the linking code, email me at and I will send it over.

Once loaded on your site, leave me a comment,
and I will happily send you a gift.

For considering this direct request, I thank you. I know together, we can work miracles.
All the best-



Jamie said...

Thank you for your comment. That's so awesome!!

I will definitely be blogging for your sister very soon!!! I'm sorry I missed this before. No need for a gift!

Michelle said...

Hi Jill~
I'm happy to put the button up also, and really, like Jamie, no need for a gift.

I can't seem to find the code, so I'll send you an e-mail.

Best of luck with this...she'll be in my prayers!!