Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hurry-Up Breakfast Smoothie, Or... How to Get Out the Door On Time!

My kids draaaaaaag out the door for school. Who can blame them? The schools in my town open earlier as the kids get older. It would make sense to me that the youngest kids go to school the earliest, and then as the hormones kick in, the start time gets a little later. Ah well. As I always say, "I don't run the zoo".

So to get things going quickly, we have to be pretty creative with breakfast ideas in the morning. My guys leave eating to the last minute after getting ready, so smoothies have become the best belly-filler of all. Here's our favorite with the boys:

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
(goes down nice and fast)

Serves 2 with large glassfuls

2 C milk (or other milk-like beverage (soy/rice, etc)
2 ripe bananas
2 heaping tablespoonfuls of protein powder
1 T agave nectar
2 T peanut butter (can be omitted for allergies)
Large glassful of ice

Add ins (if you desire): chocolate chips, chocolate powder, vanilla extract, peaches, strawberries (or any other fruit), nuts (if no allergy)

Put all in blender and mix until creamy, frothy and thick. So good!

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Dogwood said...

I could live on smoothies. Thanks for a new flavor. Sounds wonderful.

goldenbird said...

Yum, I love smoothies. A couple days ago I had my favorite Georgia Peach Smoothie at Whole Foods and it was SO good. I hadn't had one in ages. Thanks for the recipe!

Linda said...

Oh Jill, this sounds so good, I really think I need to go and make everyone a smoothie right now :)

Have a lovely weekend :)