Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reflections of Summer

Yesterday, I returned to work. After 5 1/2 weeks of no work, I have returned to my job, along with 700 other fellow employees. This week, as with all first weeks in years past, we go through orientation, various training and inservices, and get ready for our students to arrive next week. These are the days we all look at each other and wonder, "Where did the summer go?".
I look back at the things I said I would do this summer, and laugh at my absurdity. Work out one hour a day!?!?!? Who was I kidding? I did, however, learn to like walking, and found that I could happily walk myself into town to run some errands. I also like getting up out of my very uncomfortable beach chair to wander down to the ocean and walk in the waves.

We did not get to Vermont or to Maryland to visit loved ones. We did get to drive up and down the coast of Maine, reconnecting with our boys and our love of the wild terrain that state has to offer.

I read some great books - The Time Traveler's Wife, The Schwarzbein Principle (for the 4th time), Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet, and some of Suze Orman's books on finances.

We took apart the bathroom, pulling out the really disgustingly colored blue tile and replacing it with lovely white tile. The room is not finished, but at least it's been started. Perhaps we'll wait until next summer to get the rest finished (gulp).

I made some great meals - when I wasn't complaining about the rain, or the intense heat and humidity. I learned how to satisfy my savory cravings with fresh latin food.

I learned how to block out constant chaos and pounding as the house next door began it's transformation. I tell you - it takes all my strength not to holler, "Be Quiet!!!" at their incessant hammering, sawing and yelling. But hey - they tell me it will be beautiful. I think it's different when the contractor tells you that so you'll be more patient - when it's your own house that they are making the noise on. When it's someone else's house - WHY SHOULD I CARE IF IT'S GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL??? It's still terribly disruptive.

Ah. But back to summer ending. What will Fall hold? I happen to adore Fall. Every little thing about it just tickles my fancy. I love the leaves turning, the crisp sound of them crunching underfoot as you walk through the park. I love the chilling of the air - gone are the thoughts of humid sunrises where breathing was challenging. Here come the slow-cooked meals, long-simmered soups and casseroles. Mulled cider and wine have my name all over them.

How about you? What do you look forward to as summer comes to a close and Fall comes down the road? Will you miss the summer, or look forward to the next adventures to come?


goldenbird said...

I like your new header. Sounds like you enjoyed your 5 1/2 weeks, even if you didn't get to everything on your list. I like your description of fall with the crunchy leaves and long-simmering soups. My favorite things about fall are the drop in temperature, the arrival of rain and the color of the leaves.

Dogwood said...

When I clicked onto you blog, I had such a surprise with your new banner. I absolutely love it. What fun to hop in one of those boats and read a book or knit or just do nothing but enjoy the scenery. Summer did go fast. Enjoy your working days along with this long weeekend.

Michelle said...

Hi Jill,
I love the new banner too...such a beautiful New England autumn shot!!

Sounds like you made the most of your time off and are ready for the beautiful change of season that we are lucky enough to experience in these parts!

We're planning lots of hiking and leaf peeping since this may be our last fall here--if our house ever sells! Between the harvest, 3 of my guys birthdays, and the beauty of this season, I just want to savor each moment. Ah, but I'm looking forward to making our backyard skating rink too ;-)

Linda said...

Hello Jill,
Your banner is beautiful :) It sounds like you got so much done this summer. How wonderful to walk along the beach, we stay inland and have to travel 6 to 7 hours to reach the beach. Your description of Autumn draws such a lovely picture in my mind. We are moving into summer here in South Africa, enjoy Fall.

Have a lovely day,



Angela said...

Be glad you have fall to enjoy.

I love fall- it makes me think of leaves turning, pumpkin pie, and fires and hot toddies.

In Los Angeles, we don't get any of that. It's a relief to get the subtle change of a coolness in the air. We do have spring, summer, and winter, contrary to what many people think. It's just much more subtle. But fall almost doesn't happen- it's hot until the first of November and then if we're lucky it starts to rain and clear away the smog.