Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag! I'm It!

While I was away, I was sneakily tagged by Cory at Pink Dogwood Blossom.

Cory just started a new blog, using a title near and dear to me - I have always loved dogwood trees, since I was a little girl, actually. In fact, when my father passed away several years ago, we planted a dogwood tree in his honor. It graces the front of my walkway, being passed and admired by everyone who comes to call. The interesting thing about this dogwood tree is that for the first year after being planted, it bore no leaves or flowers. I was so sad, since we have planted it for such a special and important occasion. One day, I looked out at the tree, and decided it needed a fairy bell. Funny thing was, I had no idea what I was talking about! I just knew it needed a fairy bell to call for some special energy to help support this tree. So I set off to find one from Ebay, for lack of a better place at the time. What I found was a sweet little brass bell of a hummingbird. Once it arrived, I hung it on one of the inner branches of the little, leafless dogwood tree. During rain storms or light winds, I could hear that little hummingbird bell ringing away. This was at the beginning of summer, after the dogwoods in this area had bloomed. Wouldn't you know it - within 6 weeks, the lower part of that dogwood was covered in leaves!! The following year, more of the tree was covered in leaves, and each year after that, leaves seemed to be climbing up the trunk. During the 3rd year, small blossoms appeared. The leader of the tree (the part that grows the highest from the center of the trunk) remains bare. I find this reminds me of the reason I planted the tree, and the reason I hung the fairy bell. I don't dare trim the bare spots for fear of damaging the tree, and losing sight of these amazing events.

The fairy bell rings less often now, being that it is buried among so many thick leafy branches. But if I peak way inside, I find it hanging there, so faithfully.

Cory tagged me to share 6 things about myself. So hear goes...
  1. I say purple is not my favorite color, yet if given the choice, I will almost always choose something in a purple hue.
  2. I do not like to eat fish, but I love hand-made plates with fish on them.
  3. I do not like to window shop.
  4. I could stop a train with my urge to check out flea markets.
  5. I adore avocados.
  6. I think a day at the beach with a good book is a day very well spent. (Who cares about the laundry??)
There you are - simple and now, over (phew). When you have the time, go over and check out Pink Dogwood Blossom. There are some pretty great photos of Rocky...


Dogwood said...

Thanks for you wonderful description of your very special dogwood tree. I am glad it is a healthy dogwood tree and leafing and flowering. Also, thanks for mentioning my blog. Fun to read your list about you.

goldenbird said...

That was a wonderful story about the dogwood tree. I can just hear the fairy bell tinkling.

I love avocados, too, and agree that a day on the beach is a day well spent.