Sunday, August 23, 2009


Can you ramble with pictures? Well - consider this a major rambling. We have been so busy with family visiting, that blogging has been tough to get to. Here are a few pics of things we have experienced lately.

This is a mushroom

Be Well.


Michelle said...

Looks like you've been having a marvelous (and interesting!) time!

I'm starting to think that August is the toughest month to keep to the blogging; photo rambling is a great way to go:-)


kyndale said...

Sure! I think rambling is very good to do once and a while!

5 orange potatoes said...

Freaky mushroom!
lisa ;0

goldenbird said...

Wow, it was sure rainy when you arrived in Virginia! Nice pics. Are those baby goats? They are sure cute. Looks like you and your family are really enjoying the summer.

Dogwood said...

Fun photos. Your photos are worth a thousand words. Thanks...Dogwood