Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's just after 11 pm - not too late to get in my usual Sunday Summerings post. Here are a few pics from our trip to Maine, with just a few explanations.

Cobscook State Park, Dennysville, Maine
A truly beautiful and peaceful place.
Felt like we went to the end of the earth to get there, though.
This is a picture of mud flats - the tide had gone out and people were clamming.

Boys decided they needed a mud bath.

I loved the texture of this seaweed, but it was too slippery to walk on.

Looking out over the mud flats, mid-day. Such peace and tranquility.

Our campsite was on this little pond, surrounded by icky, gooey, deep mud. Bet you can guess what the boys discovered once the tent was up...

I fell in love with this little man in the rock. In the interest of leaving things as they were, I left it at the shore. I miss him.

Sandy Beach at Acadia State Park. Wow, what an amazing place. You must visit Acadia if you ever have a chance.

Brotherly love runs deep in our family. Especially when you spend very small spaces together all week long!

Lubec, Maine. Supposedly the Easternmost town in the US. They claim to see the sunrise first here.

Camden, Maine. You wouldn't know it to look at this picture, but Camden is one of the most touristy coastal towns in the whole state of Maine. Thank goodness we found a quiet spot.

West Quoddy Lighthouse. Easternmost lighthouse in country.

Thunder Hole - in Acadia State Park. The tide was high, so the effect of the thundering and splashing was not nearly as effective and exciting as we had hoped. We will return next year and wait for low tide. It is supposedly quite the show!

Everyone needs those experiences which make them feel on top of the world! This is in Lubec, Maine.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Our trip was terrific, one to be repeated in the future - but perhaps with less driving (we drove 1000 miles over the week).


Dogwood said...

I love finding interesting rocks. That is a fun rock with the face. You got some fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing.

goldenbird said...

I enjoyed looking at your vacation pics, Jill! I've heard that Arcadia is spectacular and would love to go there. I don't think I've ever been to Maine. The camping sounds wonderful and looking out over the mud flats gorgeous. Welcome home.

Angela said...

What is that amongst the rocks (the photo without the caption?)

Thanks for sharing - I love Maine - it is so picturesque. When I visited there, I said to my host, "this is the only place I've ever been that looks exactly like I imagined it would."

So glad you had a nice vacation!


Hi Jill,
Someday I would love to visit Maine.
Thanks for sharing your photos.
You should have kept the rock!
Deb :)

Jill said...

Thanks for the welcome home, friends. I wish it wasn't so hot here. The rock, Angela, has seaweed all over it. It was smooth and soft - just beautiful. And Deb - I actually wondered just today if I returned to that beach, could I find my rock again?? Probably not - plus it's at the end of the earth anyway. Too far to go find out! Teaches me for next time, though.