Monday, March 2, 2009

Renovation Project #1

I'm giving myself a decorator's challenge: Redo the bathroom!

We have lived in our house for over 10 years.  When we moved in, the house was a decorator's nightmare with pink something in every room.  There were pink walls, tile (in the kitchen!), borders, carpet, I even remember pink paint in the basement on one splatch of wall!
So then, somehow I got a case of paintitis where every paint color I chose to get rid of the horror this house held came out some ridiculous shade - some of them a shade of pink!  My father in law laughed at me as I brought home gallon after gallon of what promised to be my new favorite 'have to have' shade, to then toss it aside for something else the next weekend.  We have a victorian style house, which translates into very tall ceilings.  That's alot of painting. So the bathroom - green/blue tile on the walls and pink...yes, pink fixtures.  I can't stand it.

So my challenge was going to be to redo the bathroom for free: free tile, fixtures, flooring, mirror, etc - of course doing the work myself. But after thinking about free toilet, I was pretty disgusted, so I nixed the whole 'free' thing.  My new plan is to redo the bathroom for $500 or less.  I really want to do it for less than $100, but I have to reglaze the tub to get rid of the pink, and that will cost $400.  So I will scour Craig's List for free wall tile, floor tile, mirror and possibly a sink, purchase a new toilet and reglaze the tub.  I can tile myself - both the floor and walls, so no problem.  I will need to purchase grout, I assume, so there may be an added cost there.  The room will need to be painted, but we have plenty of paint here... I'm sure I can find something that isn't pink!  

Have you redone a room on the cheap?  Tell us all about it in the comments!

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L. said...

Have not re-done a bathroom, but you might want to check out Everything is FREE!!!! Have FUN!