Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Read

I just received this book, and have read it cover to cover...of course.  It's not just the recipes that caught my attention, but the pictures are terrific, and the stories are so good.  Ani Phyo goes over many different ways to better our lives, mostly focusing on raw foods.  But her text moves on to cover basics of green living, taking care of our environment and animals, and being responsible for what goes in our bellies and on our skin.  She has an easy-to-read voice through the book, and even though much of what she says is not new for those of us familiar with the living food movement, it is great to be reminded of what makes our bodies and lives run more smoothly.
I ate raw (live) food exclusively for around 5 months a couple of years ago.  It was a decision my husband and I made when we were tired of feeling sick and overweight.  Over and over we read how raw-foodists were turning their health around - quickly even - and we were intrigued.  We read how folks with terminal illnesses were reversing their ailments, much to their doctors' surprise.  Illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension, etc. were improved or altogether dissolved through changing lifestyles and diet, incorporating raw food.  It took some getting used to, but being that we started in the summer, we had many fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.  Smoothies, salads, fresh juices, frozen fruit 'ice cream', nut mylks, nut cheeses - there were so many things to choose from every day.
But things shifted as the holidays grew closer, and the colder weather came on.  I was able to spend less and less time filling the dehydrator with goodies, and finding myself hungry with little prepared to eat.  I was craving a good hot soup, and bread, and soda (soda??).  I jumped into cooked food with both feet when a sweet woman from the southwest cooked a full mexican meal for my family, not knowing we only ate fresh food.  What can you say when the house smells delectable?  So instead of going back to raw the next day, I never looked back and kept on a returned course of cooked food.
That is, until now.  I feel rejuvenated and inspired to add as many raw foods into my diet.  Just today, after making my first green drink, I made macadamia nut cheese which I added to red chard leaf roll-ups, filled with as many veggies as I could stuff them with.  Oh my, it was - I'll use my mother's word ... 'ambrosia'. 
What I remember from eating raw before was the increased, happy energy (someone once called me manic during my raw food period).  I slept through the night for the first time in years, and regulated my digestion (sorry, more info than you really needed).  I felt clean and healthy.  My hair grew soft, my skin was clear and stopped resembling an alligator.  But most importantly, I felt like I was really doing something for my body - taking care of myself.
If you are interested in the raw food movement, I encourage you to find books on the subject by the Botenko family, as well as Ani Phyo's new book.  These give you a good, clear idea of what raw food living is about, and talk about how to begin bringing more raw food into your daily diet.

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