Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is March Over Yet??

Spring is trying really hard.  I think although it is only the beginning of March, Spring is trying to get a hop on things.  The weather outside today could have been mistaken for a warm Spring day - at times even a very cool almost summer day.  It probably only hit around 55, but it felt like 68 - 70.  Wow - how just a few degrees make such a difference.  After months of intense heat (and high heating bills), I turned off the heater, left it off all day, and even OPENED THE WINDOWS!!  

For those of you who know New England, you know how crazy that is!  I was so tempted to go to the garden store to pick out flowers, veggies and grab another bag of mulch for the beds.  But then, a little voice (my son's) reminded me - "Mom, it's only March!"  Ugh.  Muddy March.  I really have a hard time loving this month.  It's long, muddy, and doesn't typically bring much celebration with it.  We do celebrate Easter, and occasionally it lands in March, so there are exceptions to my hating March rule.  But for the most part, I close my eyes and hold my breath until April 1st.  I can't help it - it's always been that way for me.
So I am working on what I can do to move through the month without cringing.  I can bake green gluten-free cupcakes for the 17th and St. Patrick's Day.  I can decide to take one day each week and visit with a friend.  I can invite people over and we can cook an international feast.  We can get together with friends to have a craft night - where everyone either works on the same craft together, or brings their own to work on while chatting.
There really are some good ideas for things to do without even thinking too hard about it.  And the reality is, now that my boys are older, I am pretty busy running them around.  So March should fly by...
I did read about a wonderful idea in a Family Circle that I picked up while waiting for my recent mammogram (have you had YOURS yet this year??).  12 women get together monthly at someone's home to visit and enjoy a meal.  At this gathering, each woman brings $20, and the host puts up $30.  The collected $250 is then anonymously donated to a family or individual in their town who has demonstrated a need.  The money is accompanied by a card that reads something like, "From friends who care".  Can you imagine how this would feel to someone who just needed a little bit extra to get by?  I imagine it might give someone that push to try again the next day to do a little better.  I like this it.  Sounds like my town could use something like this.  How about yours?

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Lynn said...

I agree, a wonderful idea! Now I just have to find 12 women. We're new in town and I don't get out much, LOL!