Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stitch Witchery is Really Stitch Wizardry!

Our living room windows are really old.  we have a long-range plan to replace or renovate them, but until then, we still have to live in the room all winter.  And, as I've mentioned before (everyone say it with me...) New England winters are COLD!  So we usually have to wear a few layers just to be comfortable in there.  If you want to read more about our windows, go here.
Anyhow, we were determined to be warmer this year.  We had this huge brainstorm: We couldn't get the windows redone before winter, but we could do a better job blocking the cold air from coming in.  We already had installed thermal shades and shrink wrap (yes...we wrapped up our windows like big pieces of meat).  But the air kept coming in.  So, when Target had a big sale on blankets, we zipped over and purchased 2 red microfleece (we already had 1).  My husband had measured the windows, and he figured on 1/2 blanket per window (there are 6).  For the first step, we just draped our new 'curtains' over typical curtain rods that we had in the basement from the past owners.  It wasn't too pretty, but it worked.  Then we tucked in the ends at the window sill, and blocked the cold air from coming in.  But after a while, the draping effect really got to me.  I've been too busy to let it stop me enough to do anything about it... until today.
So today, I will share my Easy, No-Sew Curtain Making process with you, complete with step-by-step pictures.  Lucky You!

First off, set up your no-sew space.  Don't do this directly on the tabletop as I did originally.  It will take off the finish.  (That will be project #2, I suppose).  I put a folded towel down, the size of the curtain's width.  Have available 1 spool of Stitch Witchery hemming tape, buttons, blanket or fabric cut to size for your window, iron and wet cloth.

Fold your 'curtain' over the front to your specified dimensions. I folded mine down about 15 inches. I then put one pin in on one side to hold it in place - you never know when you will be interrupted. I do like to skip steps, but I hate to do them over again!

Now fold back the very edge of the folded down part and lay a strip of your hemming tape along the entire edge.  Make sure the tape will not show when you replace the edge.  After you have placed the hemming tape down, bring the 'curtain' edge back and smooth it all down:

Place your damp cloth over the edge. mine was somewhat small, so I had to do this part in stages:

Iron for 10 seconds over each area of the edge, using a fresh part of the damp cloth each time you pick up the iron.  Do not rub, just hold the iron there:

Place buttons along the edge at whatever spacing you want:

Glue in place with crazy glue:

And Voila!  You have a curtain!!  Simple?  Yes absolutely.  Does it work?  Yes, absolutely.

And we can be versatile - closed:

And open:

Oh it's good.  So good.  And warm, too!

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