Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why do things break in tandem?

Our furnace, a hot-air blowing gas furnace of the ripe old age of 17 (!?) has decided to call it quits. We were warned last year that we would need to consider another mode of heating our 3rd floor bedroom as something was wearing out on the furnace and would be astronomically costly to repair. And being that the unit was installed in a tight squeeze of a crawl space, it would be even more challenging to replace it. Great. I loved the news then, and I love it more now that we freeze our putooties off every night. Now that I've started my simplified, mindful life, I am forced to find a more economical and ecological way to stay warm upstairs. So don't tell me body heat. That only works while you are under the covers. Try getting out of the shower during a New England winter with no heat in your room. Yikes. So we are looking into a gas fireplace, secondhand furnace (do they exist?) or at least cheaper part for the one that died and a pellet stove as replacement ideas. Have you had a furnace die recently and reheated your space in a creative manner? (share your ideas!)

The second thing to go was the gas dryer (see a pattern here?)  Here when we bought the place (10 years ago), it has run mostly fine for all this time.  And it was no spring chicken when we moved in - it had definitely seen some life by then.  So, after a few minor fixes by my husband here and there, I suppose it was time to meet the great dryer maker in the sky.  Actually, I think it heard me talking to my mother-in-law about beginning to use an outdoor line and not using the dryer as much.  Perhaps not drying with the dryer ever again.  Do you suppose it has feelings?
But what now?  It's the beginning of winter...drying clothes on a line doesn't really work here. Unless of coursed you enjoy wearing popsicles every morning.  I have a local laundromat, and will need to find the time to run a couple of loads while we figure this out.  One thing is very clear: I know what I do not want.  I do not want to go to a big-box store to get a fancy, shiny, perfect dryer to replace my old and graying one.  Yes, deep down I would LOVE a cherry red, front-loading washer and dryer set.  LOVE.  But with my new life focus, it can't be new and can't be from a big-box store.  They get enough money.  I can find a way to get a recycled one.  Already, we've looked into Craig's List and found several free units.  No, not cherry red, but that will come some day.  For now, I just need to get the clothes dry!


Anonymous said...

We bought our washing machine on craigslist maybe 5 years ago for $45, and it's still going strong. It's not pretty, and it's certainly not cherry red, but it sure gets the clothing clean.

Love the blog!

Katy Wolk-Stanley
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."

Lisa said...

Have you ever noticed that when you take your car in to get worked on that you then end up taking it back in for something else to be fixed? Talk about things breaking in tandem!
Jill, if you can't find the dryer, maybe you might consider a really cool clothes line inside to go with your new/used gas fireplace?