Thursday, January 15, 2009

When in Doubt, Throw it out... to the compost!

A love letter to my composter:

Dearest muckmarvel of my kitchen scraps;

It has broken my heart that you have sat empty for all this time.  Your tapered walls and filter top, meant to hold all the fabulous trimmings from my gourmet delectables, have gone unused, unloved, and unfilled for far too long.  I have given far too much attention to the grand disposal, sending all those riches down the drain or to the landfill.  As I tossed thick broccoli scraps into the trash this evening, I remembered my commitment to the earth.  I know it's been so long, but hope you will let me take you out of your forgotten spot under the sink, dust you off and put you to work again.  Not only will I treasure your ability to contain all our juicy tidbits, I will aspire to take you down to the papa composter in the yard to empty your contents on a regular basis.  I ask for your forgiveness, and I ask for your service in our home once again.

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