Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big Picture

After speaking with my sister this evening, it dawned on me that simplifying my life will not take place unless I keep the bigger picture in mind.  Somehow, we get dragged down by the moment by moment rush of daily life - the laundry, the meals, the phone calls, the emails, the job, and oh yeah, gotta take care of the kids, the carpool, the PTO meeting, the potluck...the list is endless.

Part of why I started this blog several days ago is because I was losing sight of the big picture.  Why are we here, day to day, going through the motions like they meant something?  Why are we trudging through our daily tasks with a sense of dread and foreboding without ever looking at our shining horizons?  They are there.  I know they are there.  

The amazing part of all of this, is it was my big sister reminding me about the big picture.  My sister, who has bravely marched along the path of cancer survivor for the past 6 months, is the one who tells ME to relax and look at the big picture.  She has learned so much as she struggled with the truth that her body was fighting itself.  She has learned so much she even has wisdom to spare on the day she receives her 5th chemo treatment.  She has learned to find the big picture even when feeling like her insides were being burned out, losing her eyebrows, losing her appetite, feeling pulled from her family.  I listen to her wisdom -wisdom that she has no idea she even has - and it's as if I hear the bigger picture talking.  It says, 'Remember why you are here.  It's not the laundry, the groceries, the playdates, the phone calls, the mortgage.  It's to find the ones you love and share how you feel.  Let them in.  And rejoice in every moment, laundry, dishes, job and all.  You are here.'

I have alot to learn from this picture.  And from what I can see, it's colors change every day, but the message stays the same.

Be here.  Today.

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Lisa said...

YES!!!!!!! Couldn't have said this better myself!