Monday, January 26, 2009

Visit Your Local Library for Passes

Something we love to do is go to museums.  But when you look at the cost of museum tickets, it really is challenging to afford the excursion.  The one place we visit most often is the Science Museum in Boston, so we have renewed that membership pretty regularly.  After going 2-3 times with the whole family, the membership is more than paid for, leaving us the rest of the year to enjoy the museum for 'free'.  

There are many other places I would like to visit in this area.  Boston has so much to offer, but my wallet will never keep up with the urges to see all there is to see.

However, my library has the answer!  Local libraries often have passes to area museums and exhibits for free (or a small fee).  This opens up so many opportunities for families.  Places like  the zoo, the aquarium, the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Natural History are on the list, and all I have to do to get a pass is reserve one.  It typically does not work to try to reserve the day you want to go, but with some foresight, we could have a fun-filled weekend for virtually no money.  What a great treat!  

What entertainment ideas have you found for free or very little money?

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