Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in Business Again!

We have had a couple weeks of no dryer for our clothes.  I'm sure you know how that feels - like your right arm is gone all of a sudden, and you have to figure everything out with the left which is on backward...

We have been surfing Craig's List religiously every day to find something we could afford.  Today, we finally found it.  A working, gas dryer in the next town over from us.  And the best part - it was FREE.  Wow - we're on a roll here with the free stuff (see yesterday's post), and I really hope it lasts.  The only issue with the dryer, is it makes this loud sound like horses charging or really big sneakers banging around in there.  When we tried it out before bringing it home, it seriously made me jump it was so loud at first.  Then it quiets down a bit, but it's still loud.  We needed some help from our tenant who is an electrician to get the dryer installed.  As we turned it on to see if it heated up in the basement, I apologized profusely for the noise (it's right below their apartment).  But he just smiled and said, "No worries".  I'm beginning to think he's either somewhat hearing challenged or just incredibly nice.  Well, definitely nice as he was able to help us get the darn thing installed.  So now, the washer is humming away, and the new dryer awaits it's maiden voyage with our clean clothes.  So nice not to have to wear the same clothes a few times each week.  My coworkers will be so grateful.  So, no, it's not the cherry-red, front loading dryer I dreamt of, but it was free, and it works, and it's ours.  I didn't have to hawk my engagement ring for it, and I won't have to work 2700 more hours to pay for it.  It won't go to the dump or sit unused.  It will be put to work daily until the day it dies.  And until that day, I will save pennies until I can find the next model up - in cherry-red and used, of course.

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