Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Clearer State of Mind...Even in an Ice Storm

I walked to work today. Before you start thinking, "Oh, good for you", you need to know I live pretty much around the block from my work. I have no excuse for EVER driving to work, except that sometimes I have to go somewhere other than back home right after I finish working. But not today. I made it a point to get out the door 15 minutes early just so I could get there in time. Of course, I chose the most perfect day to begin my walking to work ethic - right in the midst of an ice storm. Now, the picture above is a bit extreme, though things like this do take place and have taken place in Massachusetts recently, this is not my neighborhood. No, I had mostly clear walkways throughout, and my trusty Kamik boots to keep me dry.

What I liked about this walk was it affirmed why I want to live more simply. When I drive the 2 blocks to work, I am focused on the road, the other drivers and what's playing on the radio. I'm dodging the crazy morning drivers as they negotiate their morning application of mascara, or an early, 'it can't wait until I get to the office' phone call as they drive. Sometimes I go grab a cup of coffee with my husband on the way - which is lovely, but add up those cups and spend a whopping $35 each week. So I walked, which meant I paid attention to what was around me, not the road or crazy drivers. I was unable to purchase a cup of coffee, so I let the morning icy air wake me up. I bumped into a few colleagues on their way to work and had a bit of companionship as well - something rare and warming. Yes, it was cold, and I got a bit wet, but it was nothing horrendous. I work at a school that has a beautiful campus, it looks like an Ivy league school- during ice storms it is quite lovely. I would miss all that if I drove. And of course, there's the exercise, and the saved gas money.

What have you done lately that made you stop and affirm why you live the way you do??

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