Monday, January 11, 2010

Will You Try Something New In 2010?

Just thinking.  This feels like such a different year.  Just a few days out from 2009, and already I feel like so many new things are possible.  The potential for growth steps this year seems endless, but perhaps that's just because it's January.  Do we all feel this way at this time of year?

Many people make resolutions at this time of year, only to drop them a few short weeks later.  I know this occurs for me when I have made a resolution to change something that isn't quite right for my lifestyle.  But I typically want to make things change too fast, too far, and after a few weeks of struggling to make it work, I let the whole thing go and call it a bust.  Many of my blogging friends have introduced one word resolutions, or more like mantras, to carry with them throughout the year.  Words like 'trust', 'acceptance', 'joy' top the charts for folks looking to focus their insights.

I was thinking about what new things I could try this year and a funny word popped into my head.  Exercise.  This feels odd because the very thought of the word usually makes me shiver with intense fear and loathing.  But lately, I've watched runners as they navigate the slippery slopes which is our New England existence at this time of year.  I wonder how long would I need to lumber along before I could run with ease and grace.  Running?  Me?  No way.  However, I do think I might try it this year.

Something else I want to try is to push my creativity.  I work hard creating music for other people in my job every day during the week.  I work with children, and love what I do.  However, much of my work is 'in the moment' and not recorded, written down or in any other way secured.  After my music sessions, I can't go back and look at all the work and say, "I did that".  I'm usually ok with that - it's the nature of my work to be in the moment and something I have worked with for many years.  But what about the music I want for myself?  What about recording?  What about the art I treasure just for me?  In my work with children, I have come across some new ideas that could possibly be published into simple musical stories.  Already, my mother in law, an accomplished visual artist, has agreed to illustrate for me.  Something new for me this year, taking me way outside my comfort level, would be to publish my first musical story.

What will you do to push your limits this year?  Are you satisfied with the 'same old/same old'?   How could you bring a new twist on your daily grind so you expand your horizons?  Have you ever thought of doing something, going somewhere and never moved to make it happen?

Will this be the year you finally listen to your inner being 
and follow through?


goldenbird said...

I like Marylou's artwork. I've been wondering, which musical instruments do you play? Your work with children sounds so gratifying, even if you don't have evidence you can hold in your hand and look at. It would be exciting to publish a musical story.

This year feels a little more mellow to me than past years, and I want to be gentler with myself.

Dogwood said...

Thanks for encouraging us to try something new in 2010. I want to try some new art ideas and ways. I want to push myself in that area of my life. It is very important that it remains fun and enjoyable.