Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's IRIE, Man!

When we were in Jamaica for our (2 week!!) honeymoon, about 18 years ago, my husband and I happened upon the local expression of 'Irie, Man'.  Our closest expression nowadays with our kids is 'that's cool, man'.

Tonight, we were able to go out to dinner as a family - a very rare treat - with a gift card to a local vegan restaurant from very good and kind friends.  We had to wait for a long while for a table, though it's Tuesday, and the restaurant is relatively new.  Sensing our disappointment, the server offered us Jasmine tea.
Oh wow.  Talk about deja vu-  one sniff (I like to smell stuff) and I was brought to Nirvana.  I remembered this particular smell of jasmine tea from a small tin of it that we were given as a gift.  Funny thing is, that tin sat on our shelf for ages.  One day, we opened it for something warm to drink, and I was whisked away to some far off exotic place.  Being such a small tin, we drank through it pretty quickly.  I then set about trying to find that perfect jasmine aroma and flavor, looking in all the tea shops in Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding towns.  Everything I found let me down - not as floral, not as vanilla-y, just not right.

Until tonight.

Oh wow - I'll say it again.  We finally found it.  The brand is Irie, distributed out of Providence, Rhode Island.  And the best part?  It's organic!


goldenbird said...

That's cool, man! (Sorry, I couldn't help it.) Actually, that is very cool that you finally found the tea, and how nice that it's fairly local and organic. I had a similar experience recently--a knitting pattern I'd searched for for a couple years came in to my life unexpectedly after I'd given up on ever finding it. Such a nice surprise.

Dogwood said...

Sounds like a winner tea. I love to try out different flavors but always stay with the herbal de-cafe.