Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mind-Body Challenge 2010! Update and Bubble Tea

Well, it's Saturday, and weigh-in day once again.  I was pretty nervous today, because I was not particularly careful with my diet, and barely exercised at all.  But as it turned out, I had hormones working in my favor, and I ended up

down 1.5 pounds!!!

So that brings my total lost to a whopping 4.5 pounds!

I started looking into returning to my neighborhood gym today.  I'm paying for it, might as well go.  I wish they had a class specifically for people like me - not a couch potato, but close to it, and pretty new to exercise.  Well, pretty new to actually wanting to exercise.  I brought this idea up to a trainer I used a while ago, and she was only slightly interested.  I personally see a huge need for a class for 'newbies' to get into the gym with a sensitive trainer - maybe a total body workout class that moved gently.  A 6-week program that would ease folks into working out - teach them all about the gym and how to use the machines, etc.  Why don't they do that?  There could be side classes on nutrition as well.  At my gym, you have to figure out how to use the machines on your own, or hire a trainer.  I used my membership for about 5 months, then stopped going.  I had no motivation because I couldn't keep up with the 'gentle' yoga classes - I had to do about 28 downward dog poses in rapid succession.  Yikes.  By the time I got into position, the class would be far ahead of me.  If I could find a way to develop a class for new, overweight and only slightly motivated people, I think many others would be bound to stick with their New Year's resolutions a bit longer.  I'll look into it.

On a totally different topic, I tried Bubble Tea for the first time today.  My eldest son purchased a cup of iced tea with large tapioca pearls in the bottom.  I wasn't really very Bubble Tea savvy when he gave me a sip from his extremely large straw (to accommodate the tapioca) and of course choked dramatically, ruining my whole first try.  Not his, though - he sucked and then chewed the whole cup down in a few minutes flat.   A very interesting experience, bubble tea.  I may try it again.  Who'd have thought to put tapioca in the bottom of an iced tea?  It's like a meal and drink in one.  Have you ever tried this?


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I love it. We call it Boba. Yummy, though usually really high in sugar. My favorite Thai place makes it daily.

Linda said...

Hello Jill,
Bubble tea sounds and looks yummy:) Well done for losing 1.5 pounds, that is fantestic!

goldenbird said...

That's great you lost another 1.5 pounds. I've never heard of or tasted bubble tea. Is it similar to pearl tea? (Not that I've ever tried that, either.) Those yoga classes at the gym can be brutal. They really aren't very gentle. The only truly gentle yoga I've ever found was at a retreat at the Kripalu Center in the Berkshires of Western MA. They have an excellent DVD you can do at home.

Jamie said...

Yay Jill!!!! Congrats!!! You're doing great!!!

Yes, I've tried bubble tea. It grosses me out, lol.

Dogwood said...

I love love bubble tea. Oh, I may have to have one today now that you have put the thought in my mind.

I am so surprised that your gym was not interested in your great idea. I would think that class would be very popular especially this time of year.

1.5 lb great. Keep it going!

Erin Wallace said...

Congrats on the lost poundage! I saw a bubble tea shop the other day and though "what the . . ." so I'm happy that you posted on it. Now I know. But tapioca in tea? This sounds so bizarre I can't put it into words.

Melanie said...

Congrats on the 1.5 loss! Keep up the great work. Thank you for your inspiration.