Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chocolate... The Root of All Evil? Or Saving Grace?

I have this funny relationship with chocolate.  I think many women do - and possibly men as well.  I give chocolate a whole personality in my head.  It speaks to me.  It tells me what I want (usually more chocolate).  And it seems to run my life some days.  I can be incredibly organized and prepared for food cravings (one of my biggest challenges with weight loss endeavors), but once chocolate has arrived, forget it.  He (and you KNOW it's a HE) saunters in and swishes his little tail, and makes some ridiculous remark like, "Hey Beautiful, like what you see?" and there I go - gotta have a bite.
This is all to say I had some chocolate last night and feel weird about it.  Trying hard to be 'careful' of what goes into my body and how I treat it, I was fighting a major craving while working on my computer last night and I guess I gave in.  I was fully conscious of the decision, it wasn't a sudden awareness like, "Oh wow.  I just ate half a football field of Reese's".  I fixed myself a small bowl of mini chocolate chips and sat back down to enjoy them.
Those chips were lovely.  They weren't really what I wanted (probably the Reese's would have done the trick), but I was able to get beyond the craving by having this small amount.

What is it about chocolate?  Why can't I crave pistachios?  Or how about cabbage?  Split peas?  Oh I know... Ground beef?  No.  Nothing else will do when chocolate is called for.  I get a high from sugar that you'd probably be concerned about if you saw me.  I'm a pretty low-energy kinda gal and after chocolate I get pretty happy.  Ohhhhhhh.  There's a clue.  Mr. Chocolate is my happy pill?  Hmmm.
Ok.  Note to self - look for ways to bring on happiness BEFORE chocolate enters the room!  If I'm already happy, perhaps I won't feel the same pull from the beast, or can be happy with the tiniest of tastes.

Great.  Any idea how I can now work with Ms. Fatso Potato Chip?



Hi Jill,
I LOVE CHOCOLATE...and WAS trying to not have any and that lasted about 10 days...however if I don't bring it into the isn't a problem...
I need to make my ATC for this month. My mind is on Valentines.
Deb :)

Dogwood said...

If chocolate is in the house, I feel a need to find it and gobble it down as fast as possible! I love how it melts in my mouth if I don't just chew it and swallow it before it has a chance to melt. Ohmy...need I say more.

goldenbird said...

I wake up in the morning craving chocolate! I like to have a little piece after every meal. Aren't there studies that say dark chocolate is actually good for you? I think even Geneen Roth recommends indulging in a little choclate every day.