Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honesty... In Scraps

I've been tagged.  Hoooo-weeee.  My new friend over at The Magic Onions has tagged me to be honest with you all.

The whole deal is I have to share several honest things about myself, then pass the torch on to others to do the same.  Here goes:

1) I love to vacuum.  Looooooove it.  Funny, as I wasn't so great at it as a child - hated the sound, hated moving things out of the way, went around things when no one was looking (though my mother always caught me).  Now, I get a thrill out of watching the carpets come clean - that pathway of clear fibers amidst all the dust from outdoors.  And I recently acquired a vacuum with the reusable canister - no bag - so I can actually SEE the junk being picked up.  It's a double thrill!
2) I am a morning person.  As much as I love to sleep in, if I do, I feel at a loss for the entire day.  There is nothing like the sounds of the birds in the air, even in my little busy town.  The cars going by - I always wonder if they are coming or going.  I live next to a school, and sounds of children make me smile.  Try as I might, I can't stay up (happily) past 11pm - and why would I want to?  As you can tell, I'm lots of fun on New Year's Eve.
3) I do not have a favorite color.  It used to be blue, and I am quite fond of it still.  Then it was purple, and everything people gave me was purple for a very long time - beyond my affair with it, unfortunately.  Now, my sights move from greens to orange to the various shades of grey with equal amazement.  I enjoy using so many colors in my crafts, and have a great time balancing mono-chromatics with wild and crazy color mixing.
4) I do not like living far from my family.  I am on the East Coast, and they on the West.  I came out for school and didn't go back.  Got married to an Easterner, and his family is here.  Of course, I prefer the East coast to the West, but I miss my family considerably.
5) I love to eat ice cream.  Must be my absolute favorite food - has been forever.  I have not yet met a flavor I did not like, though I hear they make garlic ice cream down in Gilroy, CA - have not yet tried that and don't know if I ever will.  I'd rather just enjoy the flavors I have tried so far.
6) I cry at commercials.  So silly, I know.  And I don't have to be premenstrual at all.  You know the ones - the mom is walking in the cancer cure walk, and the husband yells, "Great job, honey!" - Gets me every time.  And the sad ones about animals needing help, or children needing food - yeah they get me pretty well.  But I also tear up when there is the smallest hint of sadness or sense of being alone, in need, broken hearted... the list goes on.  My family thinks I'm nuts.

Ok - enough from me.  Time to pass the torch:

I can't wait to read what you all have to share! 


The Magic Onions said...

lol at the wondering if the cars are coming or going... I do that with birds flying over.
And I also miss my family... can be so hard living so far away.

Angela said...

Hi Jill- I guess being "tagged" means I'm supposed to list some honest things about myself. So here goes:
1) I cry not just at commercials, but at the drop of a hat over almost anything. Mostly because I get emotional and moved, not because I'm sad.
2) I LOVE California, even though Los Angeles has a lot of problems. I love its coastline, the Mexican food and margaritas, the awesome fresh fruit and produce, the Sierras, San Francisco, Spanish architecture and bouganvillia, the open space and view of the horizon, and the mix of people and languages.
3) I used to smoke cigarettes.
4) I'm not a very good nurse- I get a little nervous around sick people. But I still try, and I don't abandon friends when they get a serious illness.
5) I don't mind grocery shopping or laundry, and I like cooking, but I hate to clean. I would love to pay someone to clean the house.
6) I love wine, and I probably drink a little too much...
That's enough confessing for now...