Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday was an interesting day. Typically, we either have to work on the 4th of July, or we sleep in a little, then get ready for some sort of festivity in the evening. However, this year our plans changed and suddenly, we had the whole day to ourselves. Being that the next day (today), we were sending our two boys off to sleep-away camp, we had a bit of gathering of supplies to do. Trying to be as mindful as possible, my first stop was the thrift store. My husband came along to get out of the house, for moral support, and because he loves a good bargain just as I do.
Our youngest needed rain pants. Ugh. Tricky to find. But wouldn't you know I put my hands on 3 pairs within the first few minutes. Grinning like a cheshire cat, I went across the store to my husband so he could do some sort of the 'happy' dance for me (which he didn't do, incidentally... he's much more shy than I am). On the way over to him, I grabbed a cart, so I could...I don't know... fill it up? And I chanced upon this sign:

So if that doesn't just fit my whole perspective on life these days, I don't know what does. I loved it, and for $6 I thought "A steal". Then, still on my way over to dear man of mine, I passed a HUGE rack of caterer's dishes. Just the day before I was looking for small clear dishes for a craft project my sister taught me. The craft store had none, so I was still looking. Well, my search ended abruptly, at 5 cents a pop:

Sadly, we had a mishap in my kitchen recently, and the shelf that holds my special cooking bowls toppled over, breaking just about all of them. I find bowls to hold something special for me - I'm not sure if it is their shape, the many colors they come in, or the hopes of what they may hold or future dishes I may make that has the most power for me, but special they are. It was my husband who found the biggest bowl, and held it for me until I could finally reach him with the cart. I found the other two across the store in a completely separate section. They are made in Italy (for Target, I think):

So next on my list was a duffle bag for our youngest. So I went over to the 'bag' section, and found this, (ahem), for me:
Ok. Think what you want. But I carry my lunch to work in a ripped up plastic bag, and need something a bit more professional - it will hold my computer, as well!! So on to my son's duffel. I put my hand on something big in this HUGE pile of bags, and pulled out this:

Is that not just absolutely perfect??? Of course it is! And, the best part is, he loves it! (You never know with my kids). It has all the bells and whistles he needed to hold his life for a week of backpacking. And at (drum roll, please) five buckeroonies, you just can't go wrong at all. Oh no, you can't. So I came home feeling more than a bit smug. I crossed everything off my list, and snagged a few precious gems for myself at the same time! That's what I call a SCORE!

And now it's giveaway time! Below is Apple, my newest little bracelet creation. Made of hand-blown glass and silver accents, it measures approximately 9 inches, so it works as a large bracelet or small anklet.

The full bracelet

Close up of hand-blown bead and silver accent

Close up of my favorite additions - a little surprise from me.

Time for this little sweet-Apple to find a new home. Will it be yours?? Just leave a comment. I'll choose a random winner on Thursday, 7/9 at 10:00 pm.


Michelle said...

Well, I'd love to give this little beauty a new home :-)

Thanks for the chance!!

Cheers & Smiles for the sunshine!!!

Lisa said...

Oh this is sooo pretty! I love the "laugh" charm. We could all laugh more that is for sure!

Laura said...

It's great to know that someone else cares that this world needs to laugh more! This bracelet is really pretty!

Jamie said...

Love the bracelet!!! Beautiful!! Great blog!!!