Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogger Showcase

Here we are again on Tuesday - Time for another Blogger Showcase!

The reason I spotlight other blogging friends is because I just get so inspired by what all of you write and show and do and feel. It's my way of giving back to you, and my way of hollering to the internet world - "Here's someone pretty incredible!" So just bear with me.

The spotlight this week is on: (drumroll, please)...

Stacy at golden bird knits is an amazing combination of creativity, inspiration and kindness all wrapped up in one person. She spends her time crafting with yarn, collage and felting. Her two cats are especially silly - you have to check out Superhero Charlie.
I love checking in on Stacy because she is just like me - working hard to get by in this world, yet saving just a bit of time for herself for the creative side. She clearly states her experience of her own personal creativity as:

I'm so much happier since I've been blogging and doing more arts and crafts these last few months. I didn't allow myself to create for many years, often without realizing it, because I thought one of the requisites for making art was you had to be good at it. (Don't ask me how you ever get good at something without doing it badly in the beginning.) I never questioned that belief until recently.

Now I understand that creative expression is essential for me, and any judgement, self or otherwise, about the result is inconsequential.

Creating has nothing to do with who I think I should be or what kind of image I have for myself; it is the authentic expression of who I am. (Monday, May 18, 2009 post)

I love Stacy's honesty, her desire to take risks with her art, and her flexibility to find what works for her. She doesn't worry about how her creations will be received (as a recipient of one of her Artist Trading Cards, I can tell you I'm thrilled to have one of her pieces).

You might want to check out her knitting patterns, felting projects, or her incredible creative collages. Head on over to golden bird knits for a treat - you won't be disappointed!


goldenbird said...

Oh, thank you Jill! I'm sitting here smiling and blushing. That was such a nice write up. I appreciate it so much!

I was just thinking today about how much I enjoy my blogging friends. It's like we're a little neighborhood, and every day we go around to each friend's house to chat and see what's going on. It's so much fun, and I like that some of those friendships are really starting to deepen.

Thank you again for your lovely words.

Jill said...

It is really my pleasure, Stacy! Thanks for all of your great posts - and I agree with you about the neighborhood. I feel it too!


Dogwood said...

And...I am so lucky to have known Stacy for a long time. We met in 1992 working for the same non-profit retirement facility. So if my arithmatic is correct...that is 17 wonderful, fun years! Jill you have described Stacy perfectly. Dogwood

woollywotnots said...

So great to see goldenbird featured on your blog! :-) I've never met Stacy, but consider her a lovely friend found through blogging. Stacy is a lovely lady with such wonderful qualities, which come across in her blog posts and comments on other blogs.Hoorah for bloggy friends! :-)

Rachel said...

Yay Stacy!

I think this post summed it up quite nicely - creative, kind and inspirational! We are all richer for having 'met' her, whether in person or in blogland.