Monday, June 29, 2009

How Do Other People Do It??

Tell me how it works.  I read blog after blog every day, learning about all sorts of moms who seem to do 'everything' yet seem so relaxed about it all.  Even the ones who work part of their week, still find time to make a decent meal, read to the kids and scrapbook their last vacation.  I, on the other hand, find myself running after the 8 ball on a repeated basis, looking for lost socks, finding cures for extremely smelly shoes, making sure all the animals get at least one square meal a day (and I don't mean my kids), and making sure that the car I get into at the grocery store lot is actually my own.  Whew!  
I took a few days off this past week to spend more time at home, and became fascinated with all that I could do if I was home on a regular basis.  I decided I would get to the bottom of the laundry pile first, just to remind myself what color the bottom of the hamper really was.  After 10 loads (I kid you not) I really didn't care what color it was, mostly because I was so winded after going up and down 2 flights of stairs to the laundry room for 2 days.  
I had this great idea to cook with my kids - to make chocolate chip banana bread, one of our new favorites.  I went to their rooms, offered to make it with them, and saw the folded clothes that I had just 'lovingly' washed, dried and folded, sitting on the floor.  Needless to say, that after my rant about said clothes on the floor, I was left alone to cook the banana bread, as "no one wants to cook with a 'mean-ie'".  Uh huh.  
I went out to the deck to tend our newly planted veggie garden, and noticed that the recent rain had overwatered the plants.  Being that some of the planters do not have super-efficient drainage, I emptied them of the extra water, picked off the yellowed foliage and dead-headed where necessary, all while talking that special baby-talk that plants so love (What?? You don't do that?).  Ok.  Then as I walked back in doors, I heard a monster of a thunder clap and would ya believe...a torrent of rain came down.  Just as I thought the sun really hadn't forgotten us.  So it was back out to the deck in another hour to dump the additional water from the slowly draining pots.
I stopped counting the "I have nothing to do"'s from my kids after 100 today.  Seriously.  Summer only began for us on Thursday.  It's Monday, folks.  
Now I sit in the living room with several piles of the last laundry load folded around me.  I ate way too many pieces of chocolate chip banana bread, and I can't remember if I showered today. Or was it yesterday?  Every single part of my home that I cleaned over the past 4 days now needs additional attention.  But my kids are fed and in bed at a decent hour, the dishes are done, we have enough clean underwear to last us through to the first day of school, and I go back to work tomorrow.  Makes me think I'm going on vacation at this point.


Angela said...

I lost track- when do you get your vacation?

I know you're partly being funny, but I think your image of yourself as not getting anything done and other moms being so organized is a little out of whack.

First of all, you work.
Second of all, you have two BOYS. Everyone I know with boys has a harder time than with girls. Plus, they're teenagers, right? I can't even imagine.
And third, you are cooking and gardening and doing home improvement projects and blogging and oh yeah, making a fabulous necklace for.... me! (sorry I haven't posted a photo yet- it will be up soon!)

So I think you're doing a lot!

In my opinion kids should help around the house- just so they feel part of the team, and so mom doesn't feel resentful. Teenagers can set the table, do dishes, clean their own rooms, and maybe help with a few other things. I don't have kids, but I've seen that work very well. Better than the parents who don't make their kids do anything, in terms of happiness of both parent and child.

And by the way, can you PLEASE post the chocolate chip banana bread recipe? I'll make that immediately.

Jill said...

Ah, Angela- You do get to the heart of the matter...don't you!?!? Yes, I was being funny about it all, knowing that a mom's job is never done - no matter how crafty you make it look. Luckily, I do have 2 great kids who feed the animals, take out the trash and recycling, do the dishes (once a week) and are learning how to pick up their rooms. However, the laundry pile... I swear it reproduces during the night...continues to grow and pretty soon, we'll have to build it it's own room.
I appreciate your reminders of those things I do, and will try to keep that in mind during my next rant! And of course I'll pass on the recipe - my pleasure. You're gonna LOVE it!!