Friday, May 1, 2009

Something To Chew On

When I have the time, I read a magazine or two. Actually, I look at the pictures, and only 'read' when the picture is engaging enough to get my attention... My brain gets that fried sometimes!

Anyhow - I came across a couple of interesting items in the April issue of Vegetarian Times that I wanted to share with you.

Palazzo Versace Dubai, the hotel and condominium complex situated in the United Arab Emirates will be opened either this year or next. Not that I am planning a trip to the Middle East anytime soon, but I have learned that due to the excessive heat, they are planning to REFRIGERATE THEIR BEACH!!. Yes - it is true. They are currently installing a 'network of computer-controlled heat-absorbing pipes under the sand to keep the complex's guests and residents comfortable in Dubai's sweltering temperatures'. Oh my. According to the article in VT, the project will add to the already enormous carbon footprint in Dubai which amounts to 44 tons of Co2 per person per year. It also points out that America's per person carbon footprint is 'only' 20 tons.

What's next?? I never thought we could go this direction. Not with Al Gore and his crusade to get us thinking pro-environmentally. It is disturbing and puzzling. If your outdoor temperature gets to 122 degrees, maybe you don't have a good spot for vacations... It is sad, in this case, to see how the backward minds of a few can alter the lives of many.

Buyer's Alert:

In the same issue of VT, I found a listing of reusable water bottles without the dreaded BPA's (bisphenol-A). The chemical is put into most hard-plastic reusable drink bottles, which have the capacity to leach into the fluid being consumed by us. BPA's are connected to a myriad of health disorders, including birth defects, cancer and other very serious issues. The following four companies make reusable bottles without BPA's:

1. SIGG's Make Love Not Lanfill $24.99/33oz.

2. The CamelBak Better Bottle $14/.75 liter

3. Nalgene On The Go Bottle $10/24oz

4. Earthlust Bottle $16/13oz

Rethink using all those purchased plastic bottles of water. Take a hard look at that reusable hard-plastic water bottle for your workouts. Every time we put something in our bodies, don't we deserve the best and cleanest? Makes you think...

Have a great and thought provoking day!

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Angela said...

Oh- don't even get me started on Dubai! The ultimate symbol of greed, excess, and unrestrained capitalism. I was glad to hear a report on NPR recently that many of the hotels there are going under. I hope the whole enterprise of making a playground in the desert fails. One Las Vegas is more than enough!