Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Bit of Identity Theft - Or, Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

It's 10 pm...Do you know where your money is?

I thought I did, until I looked at my bank account last night and found $100 missing.  Actually, not missing, paid out to PayPal in 2 $50 installments - something I never authorized.  I'm not really one of those folks who assumes this will never happen to me.  However, I always thought I was taking precautions to keep theft at bay.  Apparently, this is not so.  I had an old PayPal account, one that I hadn't used in years.  Someone somehow accessed it and charged a couple of video games to it.  How people do this, I will never know.  I have since been able to redirect my money with the help of the fine folks at PayPal - who never let the transaction go through at all in the first place.  The money went out of my bank account alright, but never to the seller (poor thing).  PayPal told me that the seller is really the odd 'man' out here, as it's really the buyer who stole from them, not the seller from me.  I marvel at how calm the guy at PayPal was - this happens all the time.  Sad.  
I have since changed all my passwords, and will cancel the old PayPal account once the money is completely reversed and back in my bank account.  Have you looked carefully at your money lately?  Do you have any crazy money stories to share?

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